Google Drive: A New and Improved Google Docs or Something Brand new Altogether?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today Google unveiled it's brand spankin' new (or so it seems) product, Google Drive.

Look familiar? We think so. (Click to enlarge)

Google advertises this new service as a place where you can "Keep everything" and "Share anything". But what would trouble one's self is the almost exact resemblance to the Google Docs layout that Google Drive has. In fact, if you compare the two, you wouldn't know the difference unless you look at the URL.

It seems that Google Docs no longer exists, period. The Google Docs URL now links to Google Drive.

As you may recall, Google has done something like this before. The Android Market, Google Music, Google Books and now Google Movies, were combined into one Marketplace Google deemed as Google Play.

Google Drive is a place to store videos, songs, images, and most importantly, Office documents. Right off the bat, Google Drive is creates Word documents, Presentational slides, Spreadsheets, drawings and more!

Wait a second! This sounds very familiar. If I recall, Google docs did this as well! It did. All Google Drive is, is a rebranding of an old feature that was updated and fixed up through the years, and rebranded just to bring it into the media's attention. Bravo Google! Bravo!

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