Snow Leopard on Acer Aspire One: Introduction

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ever since I learned that one could put Mac on their Windows-based system, I have become closer and closer to the notion that I would do so myself and see what it is like.

I recently got Mac OS X Snow Leopard working on an Acer Aspire One D250 laptop as a dual boot with Windows 7 and was amazed at the results. The overall performance after several boot ups improved drastically and a timed boot up and shut-down test proved favorable in comparison to Windows.

After the boot loader, Mac OS X took 42 seconds to get to the log on screen and 6 more to reach the actual UI. I used the same username and password for both my Windows 7 and Mac OS X partitions so the margin of error related to typing should be marginal. Windows 7, on the other hand took 45 seconds to get to its login screen and 9 more to reach its UI.

After pressing or confirming shut down in both operating systems, Mac OS X killed its Windows competitor. Mac only took 5 seconds to shut down on the Acer Aspire One while Windows needed 17 seconds.

Setting up Mac OS X on my netbook wasn’t very difficult, but did require some research when finding the kexts for some of its features that didn’t work out of the box. It also required patience and a calm state as there were times when the installation failed and when booting up the install media led to a random kernel panic.

In the next few posts in the Snow Leopard on Acer Aspire One series, I will show you how I got my Acer Aspire One to run Snow Leopard along with the kexts that need to be used and programs you should get and some tips and tricks along the way to make your life on Mac easier.

You can see the full series here.

Snow Leopard on Acer Aspire One series

When the guide gets updated or grows, you will be able to see the newest articles pertaining to it there.

Now before you do this, realize that this project does break the Apple EULA as you are installing Mac on non-Apple hardware. But if you don’t care about the EULA and want OS X on your system, then this guide is for you.

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