Windows 8 App Store? I think not!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Recently, an apparent Windows 8 image has been leaked. What is it of? The App Store. I think not! Let's take a look.

First off, let's direct our attention to the items available as "New Apps". Opera? No, Microsoft would not, I repeat would NOT, advertise an alternate browser in the store. Secondly, don't you think the app store would be in the Metro UI and not the Aero UI?

  • Why would IE9 be in there? Shouldn't it already be integrated with W8?
  • Why would games that are already packed into the OS be there?
  • Why would WINDOWS 7 be there?
  • Why is Office 2010 listed under Efficiency and not productivity?
The only thing there that makes sense and would be remotely possible would be Angry Birds. Angry Birds is available online at and can run either off of Canvas (A part of HTML5, which is what the Metro UI was primarily built off of) or WebGL.

Congratulations whoever released this "leaked image", you have failed to impress the tabloids.

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