Snow Leopard on Acer Aspire One: Part 16: A Look at Mac OS X Performance

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Performance is the make or break factor before anyone decides to change their system. While some of the videos have portrait Mac as a slow operating system, or a struggling one, day to day performance off camera is just as good – if not better – than Windows 7.

When it comes to app responsiveness, quick and fluent are two words that can be used. When it comes to closing an app, it is just as easy.

Boot up is reasonable and shut down is instantaneous.

Copying files isn’t a painful process. Running multiple apps won’t slow your system to a crawl.

iMovie works, however is slow to publish and render.

Final Cut Pro will not work on this system.

Games like GTA 3 and GTA Vice City – whom work perfectly on the Windows partition, have found ways of rejecting Mac OS X.

Office 2011 is fast and reliable.

The desktop feels more spacious – despite its 1024X600 resolution – which is the maximum resolution that you can obtain on an Acer Aspire One.

Video playback is fine as long as it isn’t in HD – this is the same as in Windows. Music playback is perfect.

Now apart from this list of likely uses, most people will care about their performance on the Internet with notably: YouTube Videos.

I have never had a problem with YouTube videos, but that was when I used Safari. I decided to take a look at other browsers and found that Firefox 6.0 left a sour after-taste on the video.

As great as it is that I can tell you this, maybe it would be best if you could see it. I invite you to watch the below video – recorded with my camera since the screen recorder is a weight on any system.

In this video, I will demonstrate the performance of a YouTube Video: Misery by Maroon 5 in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. At first I didn’t think that adding Chrome was necessary but in the end, I added it in. To summarize, if you plan to use the D250 as your new MacBook, I highly recommend using Safari or Chrome as your browser – Firefox just doesn’t come close to making the cut.

Hopefully this video will give you a feel of Mac OS X on an Acer Aspire One. Most of peoples’ lives are on the web and one of the most intensive sites to video hardware is YouTube.

For anyone who has the D250 and is having problems with videos, I say: Fear not, it isn’t the hardware, it is Adobe Flash… Update your system.

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