Snow Leopard on Acer Aspire One: Part 6: Installing the Boot Loader

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Snapshot 1 (7-30-2011 6-09 PM)I performed the steps I gave you in parts 1 through 5 to make sure that you would get a satisfactory system. I then updated the kexts for the Wi-Fi and Ethernet in part 5 when I ran into the point where it recognized the Ethernet but no cord was plugged and it didn’t recognize any wireless signal. This was an honest mistake as I have quite a few kexts on my system and I wouldn’t have thought that IO80211Family.kext was the Wi-Fi kext.

Mac OS X booting in about 45 seconds on its own with no boot loader installed or used.

Now that Mac OS X is up and running, install the Netbook Installer which can be found conveniently in the applications menu on your Dock.

Once opened, click Install, and authorize everything it does.


When complete, your boot will look like the boot in the video above.

Let me know about your progress with your Acer Aspire One in the comments section below. If you are using my tutorial on a different system but are researching the specific parts that apply to your system – since a lot of this tutorial has been general for the time being – let me know about your model and your progress installing Snow Leopard on your machine.

The next thing we will do is tweak some settings in the system to make sure that we are secure and I will also be giving tips and tricks along with recommended codecs and software for Mac’s short comings.

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